Welcome to the Pendulum Network Store!

The store features many different items, ranks, and perks to improve your gameplay, EULA friendly.

Take a look at anything you'd like!


Making sure your purchase is successful:

Usernames are Case-sensitive, meaning you must type in your username like it is ingame.

Purchases take up to 15 minutes, so don't report a problem unless it takes longer.

Purchase ranks/rank upgrades one at ones to recieve both.

Make sure you have space in your inventory if you buy Fallen Heroes or Crate Keys, or else you will not recieve them or they will fall out of your inventory once purchased.

You must be online while you purchase your item to recieve everything, including ingame items.


Refund Policy:

Anything you purchase is not returnable, especially after you have recieved your items. No refunds will be granted. Please do not request a refund after you have made your purchase. 



Chargebacks are not supported nor allowed. If you chargeback your purchase, you will be permanently IP-banned from the Pendulum Network with no exceptions. The chargeback will also link to your buycraft account and you will not be able to donate to any other server if you chargeback!


Privacy Policy:

The information you enter, private or public, will not be given out, exchanged, or sold. Your privacy is protected and is collected for verifying payments you made to our store.